Location: Montello, WI 53949


Mark & Susan W.


Sharon called into Area Waterproofing, because she noticed some mold spots on her basement walls. She said they were on the west wall of the basement and it was really an eye sore. She had done some research on the dangers of mold in a home and felt an urgency to solicit professional help.

Sharon saw that mold causes upper respiratory allergies, asthma, and other illnesses. Her and Mike had two small children, and she definitely didn’t want their health impacted by the presence of mold. After talking with her husband, they scheduled a free consultation with Area Waterproofing to find a solution to their mold problem.


Area Waterproofing sent out a qualified project manager for an assessment of the moldy basement wall. It is important during these cases, to send out a professional, who can properly address the seriousness of mold. Based off the urgency and concern of Sharon, the project manager, performed a highly detailed assessment.

After the assessment, he suggested a mold remediation. During a mold remediation, the first step would be to disinfect and kill the mold. This is done using a microbial barrier product designed for application on building surfaces. The barrier infiltrates the surface, resists moisture, mold and mildew growth. Using an epoxy wall coating would be the next step in the remediation process.

This mold resisting coating provides a great looking finish for walls. It dries fast and can be applied in a timely manner. After discussing these benefits with Mike and Sharon, they agreed to move forward with Area Waterproofing. As the installation crew began servicing the basement, the homeowners were impressed by the crew’s urgency and gained peace of mind. Having small children and dealing with something as serious as mold, it can be frustrating trying to find the right solution.

Thankfully, Sharon was able to call and get the help she needed from Area Waterproofing, to provide a safe and healthy environment for her family.