Location: Green Bay, WI 54302


Dolly J.


Dolly called into Area Waterproofing needing assistance concerning a leak in her basement. She was doing some general cleanup in her basement, and noticed a leak in the right corner. She said it was dampness and water in the spot, that made her scratch her head in concern. She cleaned up the water, but noticed after a heavy rain, the leak got worse, and more water infiltrated the area. Now, Dolly as she explained, was “nobody’s professional” in the basement industry.

However, she knew she needed to enlist the services of a quality professional. She had lived in the home for about 10 years and stated her basement was unfinished. This hadn’t been an ongoing issue and she didn’t want it to become one. Dolly scheduled a free consultation with an Area Waterproofing specialist to find a solution concerning her leaky basement.


Area Waterproofing sent a qualified project manager out for an assessment of Dolly’s basement. Given the details of homeowner’s call, he had a great internal scope, of how to proceed with the assessment.

The project manager, went to the corner that was experiencing the dampness, and begin to draw his suggestion from the evidence he had found. After a thorough assessment, he suggested 94’ ft of waterproofing in the basement. Waterproofing the basement, seals off moisture and prevents leaks from reoccurring.

This solution also increases the home’s value, readies the basement for possible finishing, and creates a usable space. After discussing these options, Dolly agreed to hire Area Waterproofing as her primary contractor for the project. After a successful installation, she marveled at how thorough the crew had paid attention to detail.

She was given satisfaction and peace of mind, by choosing Area Waterproofing, to solve her water issue in the basement.