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Crack Repair | Foundation Wall | Area Waterproofing | Wisconsin
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Stair Step Crack Repair | Foundation Wall | Area Waterproofing | Wisconsin


Do you have cracks in your basement floor or foundation walls? Cracks can allow water to come into your home when it rains. Additionally, cracks may indicate a severe structural problem.

There are three types of cracks that are common in basement foundations. If you notice any of these in your home, you need crack repair services from an expert.

Types of Foundation Cracks

They are horizontal, vertical, and stair-step cracks.

  • Horizontal cracks indicate the soil underneath your home is pushing against your foundation and forcing the walls in on themselves. Horizontal cracks should be taken care of right away!
  • Vertical cracks are usually non-structural, and they occur because of shrinking when concrete cures. Vertical cracks are notorious for water leaks. Fortunately, we can quickly treat vertical cracks with our crack injection methods.
  • Stair step cracks occur when the soil is shifting and settling underneath your home. A settling foundation needs treatment as soon as possible.

Crack Repair Done Right

Untreated cracks only lead to more structural problems. With more than 25 years of experience, the experts at Area Waterproofing can come in and help identify foundation problems. Furthermore, our process is as quick and painless as possible. We have the expertise to serve you by getting the job done on time and within your budget. We also provide an incredible warranty to go along with our exceptional service. Lastly, our team is insured, licensed, and bonded for your protection.

Get A Free Estimate For Your Crack Repair

There is no other company in Wisconsin with our level of commitment, experience, and excellence that can help make your home a safer and more wholesome place to live. Don’t settle for less than the best. Call us at 920-830-3788 today for a FREE crack repair estimate from our waterproofing, foundation, and concrete professionals.

Area Waterproofing & Concrete provides free inspections to homeowners and businesses in Madison, Chilton, Appleton, Green Bay, Green Lake, Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Oconto, Wautoma and other surrounding cities in Northeast Wisconsin.


  • Prevents water from coming into your home through the cracks

  • Prevents mildew or mold forming within your structure

  • Prevents more cracks from occuring in the future

  • Ensures your home is a comfortable place to live

  • Ensures a safer and healthier home environment for you and your family

  • Protects the value of your home and structural integrity