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Location: Green Lake, WI 54941

Category: Crawl Space, Encapsulation


Mark & Susan W.


Mark called into Area Waterproofing, because his wife (Susan) wanted to make a storage room out of their crawl space. When he went downstairs to investigate the area, he noticed some issues with the crawl space. He smelled musty odors, noticed some damp spots, saw a couple of insects making a home within the gravel, and some light areas of mold. Mark explained they hardly went downstairs to the crawl space area, because it wasn’t an area of use for them. That’s the main reason it surprised him to see so much going on at one time! They had the home built 5 years ago, but never finished the basement. He knew that if the area would see any improvements, they would have to enlist the services of a qualified professional. They scheduled a free consultation with Area Waterproofing to get on the road towards a solution.


Area Waterproofing sent a qualified project manager out for an assessment of the couple’s basement. It is important that every project is headed up by an experienced professional, who can properly address a customer’s issue, and provide a solution. During the assessment, all of the problems noted were located by the project manager. After a fully detailed assessment, he suggested a full crawl space encapsulation. The crawl space encapsulation method includes: sealing the area with a heavy duty vapor barrier. Not only does this protect the crawl space from the outside elements, but it improves air quality as well. Adding insulation and a dehumidifier also, would complete the encapsulation by making the area more energy efficient. After discussing these details with the homeowners, they agreed to move forward with the installation process. They were thoroughly impressed that every detail mentioned on the phone call was addressed. Then, Susan was able to start making plans for her storage room, knowing they had a healthy space.